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Write For Bes Skincare

Bes Skincare is a website intended to provide to its readers genuine and straight information about skincare. As opposed to other similar sites, Bes Skincare is not focused on reviews which are focused on sales. However, Bes Skincare values honest reviews that can help in making a decision on which product to buy to treat particular skin conditions. This website provides reviews of most recent skincare brands and products to help the readers feel more confident when purchasing. Bes Skincare also provides easy and usable do it yourself tricks with the aim to provide only valuable and reliable information to the readers and to help them save money. 

Content Guidelines:

  1. Content must be interesting and informative.
  2. Content should not be self-promotional.
  3. Content must reflect author’s personality and should follow the tone of other articles published on this website.
  4. An article must be actionable and helpful.
  5. Content must be original i.e. not a post on general skincare.
  6. Articles should have 700-1000 words
  7. Tone should be entertaining, fun and positive
  8. Content must not be published elsewhere.
  9. Body of the text must not contain any links.
  10. Authors should send their name, bio, website and link to social media profile.

Topic Guidelines: 

  1. Skincare
  2. Skincare conditions
  3. Skincare treatments
  4. Do it yourself tricks
  5. Natural skincare
  6. New trends in the industry

Submission Process:

Authors are asked to fill in the form available at http://besskincare.com/contact. Response time is not defined.


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