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Asian Fortune

Asian Fortune is a magazine for the Asian community in America. The magazine is published both online and in printed form. A printed version of the magazine has been alive for more than 20 years. Although America is embracing a variety of different nations, Asian-Pacific American community still remained quite special, due to a high cultural difference between the continents. These two cultures are for example similar in their appreciation of technics in general. However, Asians still remain truly loyal to the ethnic culture they originate from. At Asian Fortune, they say that they are a source of all Asian American things. The magazine covers various aspects of life such as everyday news and opinions, business news and information, coverage of cultural events of all types, travel and housing tips and much more. Asian Fortunes also keeps an active blog welcoming guest writers.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Writers should have extensive knowledge of Asian Americans.
  2. Articles should have 600-1000 words.
  3. Content should be interesting, informative and vigorous.
  4. Articles should be fresh, well researched and well written.
  5. Articles are targeted at Asian American intellectuals.
  6. Writers are asked to get themselves acquainted with articles published in this magazine.
  7. The pitch should include a brief outline of author’s idea.

Topic Guidelines:

  1. Business news and tips
  2. Politics
  3. Asian art
  4. Asian kitchen
  5. Asian book reviews
  6. Coverage of cultural events and respective news
  7. Asian medicine
  8. Housing advice
  9. Asian fashion trends

Submission Process:

Writers should email their writing samples to jenny@asianfortune.com. Response period is not defined.


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