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Write For Alist Apart

AListApart offers a number of articles that are related to the web industry of today, with brand new ideas and short guides on solving the problems of today’s digital and business world with a bigger focus on startups and small companies.

Content Guidelines

AListApart is always looking for new writers, with fresh, out of the box ideas and new perspectives on an everyday changing topic that is the web industry.

  • Never use copy – paste options, only write new, original content
  • Never write press release type of content or sales pitches
  • Follow their “style guide”
  • Offer a clean argument not just a “Tips and Tricks” list
  • Fact-check every argument, don’t just give opinions
  • Make sure you are speaking to the right audience (to Designers, Developers, information architects, content strategist or similar)
  • Use custom illustrations

Topic Guidelines

  • Casual in tone and content
  • Great for less - intensive tutorials and posts
  • Everything in tone with the topics in today’s web industry
  • Only fresh new ideas are welcomed
  • A new idea that challenges the reader
  • Give a fresh perspective to a reader on a certain topic

Submission Process

Send your submission by e-mail!
They prefer submissions by Google documents. You can also send them a plaintext file, a Markdown file, or a link to an HTML document. No ZIP files!


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