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Write For 425Business

425Business is a business and lifestyle magazine. It offers ideas and information on fashion, business, startups, innovation, news, philanthropy, business lifestyle, travel, products, technology and more. 425Business is a high-quality full- color subscription magazine issued on monthly basis. The magazine is published by Premier Media Group which has been engaged in this business since 2001. Publications issued by this company are designed, written and published in-house in Tacoma, Washington. Premier Media Group won many awards, both national and internationals for their publications. The magazine welcomes the readers to connect their business with 425Business magazine since it published empowering and inspirational content which is both creative and relevant to business professionals and general consumers.

Content Guidelines:

The site is looking for talented and experienced freelance writers to provide interesting stories for the business community of the Eastside. Content should be focused on and relevant to Eastside professionals and consumers in general.

  1. The story must have multiple sources, minimum 2. It is necessary to provide minimum 3 sources for 1000 words long story while 2000 words long story should have at least 4 sources.
  2. 1000 words story must have minimum one sidebar (info box for more information for readers, or a list of tips related to the story)
  3. Writers are addressed to follow Associated Press style. 428 Business reserves the right to make minor adjustments in the areas they deviation from AP style.
  4. The text should be single-spaced with hard return for each paragraph.
  5. Only one space is permitted after punctuation. Font: Arial, 12pt
  6. Writers should include their bylines.
  7. Writers should suggest a headline or/and a subtitle
  8. Articles are to be sent in form of a Word document, preferably. If not, writers can sent the story in the email.
  9. Writers should state their name and phone numbers of the sources.

Topic Guidelines: 

  1. News
  2. Technology
  3. Startup
  4. Lifestyle

Submission Process:

Articles are to be sent to stories@425business.com. Response time is not defined.


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